What is a Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting offers untapped flexibility in resource scaling. In addition, cloud hosting may also merge multiple servers ' ability to deliver a single cloud hosted server. Cloud servers, cloud desktops, cloud storage and more are some of the cloud hosting solutions.

Why your business needs to move to cloud?

Why does your business need to move to Cloud Hosting?
1. To meet the developing hosting needs of the customers.
2. To provide effortless solutions and greater developed hosting environment for the growing needs of your business.

What is a domain?

Domain names are used in URLs to identify specific web pages. For example, in the https://thewebpreneurship.com URL, the domain name is thewebpreneurship.com.

How do i purchase a domain for my business?

1. Click the Register a Domain on the top menu of THEWEBPRENEURSHIP.
2. Search for a premium quality domain name for your business.
3. Add to cart and proceed to checkout. If you don't have a Hosting, you may add our fast and secure hosting.
4. Click check out.
5. Link your quality domain with your website.

What kind of domain extension do i need?

The most common domain extensions are:
.com - hands-down the most popular top-level domain (TLD)

How to transfer a domain?

1. Verify if the domain name was registered for 60 days and currently registered to the current Registrar for at least 60 days.
2. Unlock the domain and acquire the EPP code from the current Registrar.
3. Submit your transfer on our Transfer a Domain page.
4. Click Add to cart, then proceed to checkout.
After the steps above, the transfer should be automatically confirmed within a few days.